We met at 9:30 at the Cambridge commuter lot, piled into Phil’s truck, and drove up to the Long Trail crossing at Rt 242. The sky was cloudy and Phil’s car thermometer was reading around 10 F when we got on the trail at 10:30, and I don’t think it changed much during the day. David had done a preview hike almost to Domey’s Dome on the previous Wednesday, and this kept us from spending too much time route finding on that part of the hike, but the subsequent snow and wind still meant we were breaking a fresh trail. The sun came out around the time we got to the first summit (Gilpin south), and continued for the rest of the day.

The trail blazes along this trail section are very faded and difficult to see, except for an extremely occasional (maybe 2 or 3 per mile) white plastic strip nailed to a tree. Despite this, we didn’t get lost too often and reached Buchanan summit at 1:30. At this point we decided to forgo the extra mile to Bruce Peak, as it would have certainly meant finishing the return trip by headlamp (we had them, but weren’t anxious to use them).

On the return Robynn and Phil set out at a fast pace, and David and Miguel lagged behind, meeting up back at the trail head at around 3:30.

Participants – Phil Hazen, Robynn Albert, Miguel Bosse, David Hathaway.