The forecast for the day was 40% chance of showers. When it started raining as everyone was leaving his/her home and still raining at the Richmond Park and Ride, there were a few moments of uncertainty about whether to do the hike. But, the trip leader said she was going regardless of the weather and she got seven others to join her. Fortunately for all of us, the rain stopped before we reached the trailhead in Middlesex and it never rained again. We hiked up to Mt. Hunger first, had lunch on the top of that peak, then went down on the other side to connect to the trail to White Rocks. From White Rocks we hiked down the Bob Kemp Trail until we rejoined the trail that we used on the way up. Although there were clouds and it was hazy, we had good views on both peaks. With stops on both Hunger and White Rocks, we were on the trails for 5 hours.

In retrospect, this hike should have been advertised as Moderate to Difficult with a Moderate pace. There were several steep pitches, including having to go up a steep rock using a rope. Because of all the rainy and humid weather, the trail was quite slippery, especially the approach to and descent from White Rocks. Several people chose to slide down rocks on their butts or crab walk down on all fours. But, we all made it back to the trailhead in one piece and not too muddy.

Trip Participants – Mary Bernstein, Peter Cottrell, Linda Evans, Doug Gingras, Phil Hazen, Lynda Hutchins, Christina Kelsh, Sheri Larsen