A great way to spend Father’s Day is with one half of the duo who made you possible and my dad and I did just that – with six others ascending Mt. Ellen! It was my intention when I signed up for this hike in January to actually get there so I knew what I was in for and could relate this to others. The winter came and went and then spring and here we are! So, I experienced this hike for the first time along with a few others.

The weather was a bit overcast, but nothing serious was to be on the horizon that would prevent us from trekking on. So trek we did. This is a great hike, one that I would almost call easy. Just a little climbing before you hit the “T” at 2 1/2 miles, where you can proceed left over to Mad River or right, as we did and head to Sugarbush.

An easy walk along the ridge from there and before us near the summit was a perfect dining spot – the chairlift and its ramp! Hung out there a bit where the bugs were eating US for lunch, so we headed down. A few snacks were enjoyed at the trailhead upon our return and everyone left with a good exercise day under their belts.

Mary Bernstein, Courtney Webb, Bob Albert, Ryan Bean, Phil Hazen, Rich Larsen, Ben Gordesky. Leader Robynn Albert