I always claim that this is the best day-hike in New England – even though it is not in the Green Mountains! But, it’s a long drive from Burlington, so it does not get done that frequently by the section. Seven of us met at 7:30 AM at the Richmond Park and Ride, we picked up another in East Montpelier, and then met the last participant at the trailhead, as she had camped at Franconia the night before.

This turned out to be a great day to do the ridge. The temperature was probably 50 degrees on the mountain, with few clouds, and almost all the snow gone. We went up the Falling Waters Trail. The stream had enough flow to create great waterfalls, but not so much flow as to make the crossings difficult. After a bit more than 2 hours, we broke out onto the ridge, and into a very strong west wind. We found some large rocks behind which we could have lunch, and then headed north toward Lincoln and Lafayette Peaks, with the wind howling across the ridge trying to blow us off. Hiking poles were a real plus to help maintain balance. From the summit of Lafayette, we headed west down the slope toward Greenleaf Hut, now going directly into the wind. We were quite glad to reach tree-line, and then the hut, as we were finally out of the wind. From there, it was just the long walk down the Old Bridle Path and back to Lafayette Place.

The total hike was about 9 miles, with 4300’ of elevation gain and loss.

Participants – Cilla Kimberly, Jerry Lasky, Tom Ruffle, Ed Blackmore, Heather Allin, Marc Faucher, Peggy Faucher, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen.