The day was forecasted as high 60’s and 40 percent chance of scattered showers. So, this fare weather only trip leader made the executive decision to move forward and gather the eleven (11) troops and head out, across the pond!

Met up with my father whom a few folks had met on the Giant outing last fall. Up to the St. Hubert’s Club, then a 3 1/2 mile walk up the access road to the lake, then the real hike began! We made great time to Pyramid (very windy, but the views were super, with a bit of snow visible on Marcy and a few others), then a little lunch out of the wind with brownies courtesy of MB’s mom who loves to bake and now is in possession of our outings schedule! Onto Gothics. Still great views. So at this point we are well ahead of our time schedule and the turning point of the trip is when we were at the junction of the Gothics descent and Armstrong/ Lower and Upper Wolf Jaws. A vote was taken and onto Armstrong we were headed. Since there were no casualties at this point, onto Upper WJ we headed! This is where we split – some to Lower WJ and some to the parking area. We were within minutes of each other. The timing was perfect!

Not one drop of rain and many happy people later, we tailgated it at the parking area then onto the Noonmark for pie and eats! A great day altogether I think all would agree!

Participants: Phil Hazen, Paul Demers, Hank Dombroski, Ronni Sasse, Bob Albert, Jackie Liebman, Christopher Morriss, Mark Blanchard, Rich Larsen, Ryan Bean. Trip Leader – Robynn L. Albert