The start of muzzleloader season in Vermont had Rich distributing to those who needed them brightly colored vests and such. (Thank you, Rich!) A nice size group of eight headed out from the upper lot of the Monroe trailhead on this overcast but warm for this time of year December day. Not a drop of snow at this point. What better to do on a GMC outing this close to the holidays than have a running holiday trivia quiz? I had planned on holding this last year, during a scheduled hike for the day after Christmas 2008 but if you remember it poured, hence the hike being canceled. So one year later, the trivia made its way out of my computer archives. (How many times did Professor Hinckle need to write “I am very sorry” to Frosty as per Santa for melting him? 100 zillion.) The trail started out as a combo of mud and dry, then a few patches of snow made their way into our view. The microspikes came out as the snow and ice led us to the clearing and then the summit. No wind at the summit – how often does this happen on top of the Hump??? Also, very few people were hiking at the same time we were. I think we met maybe 25 the entire day. (What is the last song sung in the Charlie Brown Christmas special? Hark the Herald Angels Sing) Thank you to Mark’s mother for making us brownies (again) and giving us a bit of history of the 1960’s downed plane. His cousin wrote a book on the crash a few years ago, pieces of which are still scattered on the mountain. (Speaking of mountains, what is the mountain that the Grinch lived on? Mt. Crumpet)

Mary was the big winner, answering 14 correct in the trivia quiz, followed by Kelley with eight and 3rd place went to Sheri Larsen with four correct replies. Prizes were awarded to all. (What is Rudolph’s father’s name? Donnor) And speaking of prizes, this report would not be complete without naming Rich Larsen the fashionista of the day with his bright, bright, bright orange Elmer Fudd-type hat. It was something to be seen, if only once. Or maybe not……!! He thought it best to leave his bear hat at home. We were grateful!

Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Phil Hazen, Mark Blanchard, Kelley Mackison, Mary Keenan, Kathy Adams; trip leader: Robynn Albert

Photos by Sheri Larsen:

Microspike circle; group shot (minus Sheri the photographer); Robynn asking a quiz question, and an arty shot of ice.