Due to the inclement weather forecast for Saturday, November 28, the day this outing was scheduled to take place, I moved it to Sunday, the 29th. I had no plans and was not stepping on anyone else’s scheduled hike for this day. Luckily, this worked out for most that had signed up for the Saturday hike. It proved to be a super day (even though Saturday did turn out to be a nice one, too) and five of us in total headed out on the trek via Battell. Met a few others along the way, some who must have turned around as we did not see them again, I assume based on their footwear.

We encountered quite a bit of snow, not sure on measurement, but a guesstimate would be 9-10″ from the Friday night storm that hit various areas. A short stop at the shelter with some delicious chocolate and peanut butter cookies from Nancy were enjoyed by all. Top was a bit windy and much visibility of the valley, but not too much of the Adirondacks nor the Whites. Another short stop at the shelter on the descent and more cookies, we made our way to the trailhead and our cars.

On the way up, we noticed some blood in several spots along the trail and what looked like the remains of a deer about 20′ from the trail. We were very curious about what it might be on the down, so the five of us examined it closely for about 8-10 minutes. Not a deer, not a fawn, not a dog (all speculations) but we concluded it was a coyote. And was skinned from head to just above its feet, probably to be turned into a nice rug to be placed in front of someone’s fireplace! It was pretty intriguing.

Submitted by Robynn Albert; In attendance (all GMC members) Bob Stahl, Nancy Spier, Kathy Adams, Phil Hazen