Selecting the best date for a spring wildflower hike months in advance is a little tricky. As it turned out, we could not have had a better day to explore Niquette Bay State Park in search of wildflowers. A week earlier, the weather had been cool and there were only 12 different kinds of wildflowers in bloom. But then there were several days of warmer temperatures and sunny skies and lots of wildflowers started coming out.

On our hike we were able to identify 25 different wildflowers in bloom. Everyone enjoyed the 3.5 mile hike and the wonderful display of wildflowers.

Leader, Sheri Larsen; Rich Larsen, Lenore Budd, Linda Cooper, Debbie Lamden, Allison Williams, Bruce Gilbert-Smith, Mary Hennessy, Lou Ann Nielsen, Dot Myers, Ann Murray, Jane Lester, Mary Keenan; total 13; photos: Mary Keenan.