Ten rugged mountaineers knocked off this outing in style avoiding the wind and driving rain hitting New York State and points south and west. Those wearing Khatoola mini-crampons (the red ones) did well, but a few wearing Yaktracks had problems keeping them on. A few sections of steady climbing saw the trail move from ice, to deeper ice, to packed snow, then to a less packed surface. Snowshoes were not needed but for the last ½ mile I might have liked them. The one way trip is up is 2.3 miles, 1260’ elevation gain. The trail follows a brook that was full of melt water and ends at an iced-over small wilderness pond and wetlands with a view of Robert Frost Mountain. The trailhead is south of Bristol, just northeast of Middlebury. Welcome to several new GMC-Burlington Section members!

Participants were Kurt Mehta, Katy & Lee Wrigley, Paulette Bogan, Margaret Benn, Rob Selvaggi, Joanne Mellin, Clare Rivers, Kathlene Harry and trip leader Ted Albers, and two well behaved pups.