The possible morning rain did not occur, and we were able to head up under mixed sun and clouds, with fewer clouds as the day progressed. We went up the CCC Road and then Maple Ridge Trail, the latter being fairly slippery since the rocks were still drying from the night before. We went across the ridge from the forehead to the chin on the Long Trail, and then backtracked to the Sunset Ridge Trail and down that route. We did lose one person at the intersection of the Laura Cowles and Sunset Ridge Trails, as the person headed down Laura Cowles by mistake, unknown to the others.

Since we were not able to account for everyone on Sunset Ridge, the leader went back up to search, but realized this was fruitless. Since it was a very good day, with lots of people on the mountain, and since the missing person was known to have a cell phone, we finally headed down assuming that the person would not be in serious trouble. We got down to the State Park and learned that the person was already out. It is a reminder to the participants and the leader to keep the group together a bit more, and to remind folks that no one should go through intersections without waiting for the group.

Participants – Marc Faucher, Peggy Faucher, Jenny Lynch, MaryAnn Martinez, Marie Badger, Ben Gordesky, Jean Kissner, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen