What a super mid-winter day to be in the mountains of Vermont! As there were only five of us in total and we arrived before the appointed meeting time at the Richmond Park and Ride, we all hopped in Phil’s truck and headed south. (Phil, thanks for offering me the front heated passenger seat!) Hunger is a quick 4 mile RT outing and we took almost no breaks, making it to the summit before 11 am. A few other folks were just approaching, too, from the Worcester side.

The morning was due to be sunny and the afternoon a bit cloudy; I think we probably hit the day just right, as we were able to see quite a bit more of the valley than I believe any of us anticipated. A bit of conversation, some lunch and picture-taking and down we headed and ran! There is nothing more fun than racing down a hill as fast as you can after a great hike. We hit the trailhead at just before 12:00 and then headed for a libation and eats at The Reservoir, home of the leg lamp, in Waterbuy. (If you have seen The Christmas Story, you know what I am talking about; if not, I highly recommend renting it and it does not have to be holiday-time for you to do this.)

Great day, great group, lots of laughs!

Submitted by Robynn Albert, Phil Hazen, Darryl Smith, Larry Gagne, Miguel Bosse

This photo: Phil Hazen (Phil, how did you do it? You are in the photo!?)