The best roads on the Bikeway are actually the dirt roads that go north-south in the areas around the actual bikeway. These roads are out of the way, have little traffic and allow for mildly challenging ‘almost-off-road’ riding while still allowing one to cover some real distance. Hybrid bikes are needed. The next best are the north-south paved roads which have lengthy straight sections with good views for drivers hurtling up behind you to see you. The worst are the paved east-west roads which I try to avoid. These are dangerous due to traffic, blind driveways and hills that cause many blind sections.

On our short trip we avoided these roads. Three of us enjoy a leisurely bike ride in Shelburne and Charlotte on mostly dirt roads passing by orchards, beaches and the spectacular scenery typical of the area. We lunched at a cemetery on Greenbush Road and spotted a cow far from the barn with an infected foot. Not knowing if the farmer was aware, we went to the farmhouse and told a young man who said he would call the vet, ensuring our little altruistic effort was the right thing to do.

Victoria Davis, Jean Cannon and trip leader Ted Albers