This was one of the coldest days so far in the winter, and it seemed to take a toll on the cars of planned participants – we had multiple cancellations the morning of the trip, including one ‘no show’ because of car trouble, and one who arrived a bit late after having to ‘call AAA’. And, there was almost no snow, so we were able to drive to the summer lot after meeting at the winter lot. In spite of the uncertainty of who would make it and where we would start, we did head up from the summer lot at about 9:15 AM with 5 people, and one more caught up with us about 30 minutes later.

With so little snow, we did not even bother to carry snow-shoes, but all used micro-spikes or something similar. We did some trail-work on the way, since there recent blowdown and one of the folks had a saw. We reached the summit cone around noon, with a temperature of 10 degrees, and strong wind. So, we just spent a very brief time at the summit, and headed down to the clearing at the trail junction for a quick lunch. We returned to the parking lot about 2:30.

Participants – Barry Goodman, Laureen Gauthier, Ted Albers, Girish Hemashettar, Sheri Larsen, Trip leader Rich Larsen.