Out of the nine hikers on this outing, a total of one had ever hiked this Mt. Hunger less traveled route. Phil, the closest to most senior member of the group (maybe he was??), and a safety advocate, suggested we consider the not-as-treacherous Waterbury side. He was quickly, but diplomatically shot down, by his fellow hikers. What could a few steep spots with a rope possibly do to us seasoned folks?

Out we headed towards the trailhead. A pretty decent day at the start that was trying to become nice but did not really materialize to what we had hoped. A few folks had hiked together before, either in the past or more recently on a GMC outing. Yep, we hit the steep spots that Phil was referring to, but what a great challenge for us all! Definitely needed that rope….came in handy on the way up and more importantly, on the descent. Very blustery at the summit, we took a group photo at the sign (hey, who busted the sign in half????) and headed for warmer parts to eat a bit of lunch. Uneventful down and then onto the Reservoir for a brewski. A good time was had by all! Outing Leader: Robynn Albert, Who else? Jesse Robbins, Rob Selvaggi, Christopher Morriss, Lee Wrigley, Phil Hazen, Wes Volk, Bob Stahl, Mark Blanchard

[editors note: here is a puzzle: can you spot the difference between these photos? Click to enlarge to original size. Wes Volk Photos – Thanks Wes!!]