This walk in Little River State Park (part of Mt. Mansfield State Forest) at the Waterbury Reservoir, was a blast. We walked past abandoned settlements, overgrown roads cemeteries and old farm sites. We had lunch at an old grave site. It is an easy hike about 3.5 miles, 900’ elevation gain. A good family outing. (This walk is written up on page 172 of your GMC 50 Hikes in Vermont – 6th edition).

Showing maximum disrespect for their toiling trip leader, the photo below (taken by Uncle Phil hazen) shows trip participants watching a squirrel chewing a nut, while Ted read an educational passage about the abandoned farmhouse just behind them.

Bob Stahl, Nate Eastman, Kathy Adams, Phil hazen, Dot Myer, Rute Hare, Shirley Coffin, Lenore Budd, and thoughtful historian, Ted Albers.

Photos by Hazen