This group of Long Trail section hikers and mediocre flower identifiers left Brandon Gap at about 9:15 on the way to Middlebury Gap.

Along the way we were able to identify Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Golden Thread, Trillium, and some other wild flower varieties. The weather was very cooperative with partly cloudy skies all day. This section has no classic rocky summits but there are plenty of nice outlooks along the way.

One of us was smart enough to bring along a bug net – she used it, too, and for those of you that are keeping score, this hike crosses three official 3000 footers – Cape Lookoff Mountain, Gillespie Peak, and Worth Mountain.

Near the end of the hike the male participants thought they were getting delirious when women in bathing suits seemed to be appearing out of nowhere. Could this have something to do with “Romance Gap”? As it turned out, this was just a group swimming in Lake Pleiad.

Participants – Frances Delwiche, Richard Hart, Mary Keenan, Angie Garand, Phil Schlosser.