The day started out a bit chilly, as Kalyn, Martin, Tomoko, Bob, Paul and myself met at the Richmond Park and Rode, and headed off to drop a car at the Worcester Mountain Trailhead, and continue on to the Hunger Mountain Trailhead.

Hitting the trail, we beat the lifting morning fog on reaching White Rock Mountain, and had a fantastic view looking down onto a sea of clouds, with peaks rising up as islands. The weather was perfect for hiking, as we headed north on the Skyline Trail. We soon reached Hunger Mountain, by which time the clouds were gone. After another leisurely snack break we continued on, over three more peaks before reaching Worcester Mountain.

The trail is narrow, but well-marked and easy-going. Although we kept a healthy pace, the leisurely breaks led to a 6 1/2 hour trip for the 10.7 miles.