The planned trip over Mount Worchester and Stowe Pinnacle was modified to shorten the shuttle, deciding instead to do Mount Hunger and Stowe Pinnacle. With very humid weather and possible PM thunderstorms, we decided to do Mount Hunger first, so we would not have to cross that open dome in the PM. (We could always bypass the open summit of Stowe Pinnacle.)

We started hiking at 9:30 AM, and finished a little after 3:30 PM. The air was always very humid, thick and hazy, and we got a few sprinkles of rain as we traversed the ridge, but no storms developed, and we were able to spend time on each of Mount Hunger and Stowe Pinnacle. The trail was very rocky and ‘rooty’, and almost everyone took a moderate-to-hard tumble at some point, but thankfully no one was injured. We successfully identified almost all the wildflowers along the way.

Participants – Jenny Lynch, Ursula McVeigh, John Kinne, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen