Under perfect conditions the 5 of us headed North @ 0912. Weather couldn’t have been better. Views from Lincoln and Cutts Peaks were a bit hazy in the distance, but it didn’t seem to be an issue. Met up with several LT thru hikers. Trail was in great shape. We stopped @ Stark’s Nest for a nice break and to take in the breezes blowing up General Stark Mtn. Came out of the woods @ App Gap right around 1700 hrs, as Dick had predicted. Following are quotes from the hikers:

Liz ( radiology resident from Boston ) : ” Definitely worth the drive from Boston, great treats to eat and drink @trail’s end, what a way to start my vacation “

Bruce: ” Enjoyed being back on the Monroe Skyline “

Dick : ” I promise to eat 1 banana / day “..yeah right, his wife said in 44 years of marriage, she’s NEVER seen him eat a banana “!! Loves his cheeseburgers, though.

Chris: ” I’m in training for a triathon in 3 weeks ” She’ll do fine, I’m sure.

Pete: ” Perfect weather, great company and always a treat to hike the Monroe Skyline ” Thanks Liz for that Luna bar – estrogen and all!!!! I suspect the low turnout was dependent on the fact that I didn’t see any published notification in 7 Days or the Free Press. What happened here?

Liz Tang, Bruce Bushey, Dick Petit, Chris Farnham, Pete Saile ( Trip Leader )