We all met at the Cambridge Park & Ride a little before 8:30, took two cars to the Davis Neighborhood Trail trailhead, and started hiking by about 9 AM. Weather was partly cloudy and pleasant, but the trails were all very wet. We took the long impassable (to cars) and washed out section of Codding Hollow Road to the Long Trail crossing, and then started up the Long Trail.

We were a little slow heading up as some folks were still getting in shape for the hiking season, but no one had any problems with it. When we reached the traverse below the rock face there was a lot of water coming down the from above, and we had occasional showers (cooling and welcome) as we weaved our way along through them.

We stopped at the lookout for lunch, where even with the breezes and reapplication of bug spray the black flies were pretty fierce. We then continue up to the summit ridge, which was even wetter. then down to Corliss Camp, the inside of which was mysteriously but welcomely bug-free. After a short rest there we continued down Davis Neighborhood Trail to the cars, finishing at about 2:45.

Participants, Mike Harrison, Jennette Harrison, Marjan Schugar, Roger Lindala, Stephanie Kossmann, Ryan Bean.