Sheri Larsen organized the trip, and met the group at the Richmond Park and Ride to send us on our way, but did not go on the hike because of a bad bruise from a fall two weeks previous. The weather was about 30 degrees at the start, but did not feel very cold because of sun, and the ground was not as frozen as expected. There was very little snow cover at the trailhead, so no one even carried snowshoes.

The only issue was the stream right at the start, since the crossing was on ice-covered rocks. Most put on microspikes for the crossing, and everyone got across without getting wet. Up we went, first at a shallow slope, then steeper slopes up the stairs and rocks, eventually reaching the Long Trail.

Once we headed north on the LT, we came across large ‘chocolate’ icicles, which were a rich brown color. We continued up onto the rocks and ledges, eventually reaching the top after about 2 ¼ hours. After lunch on the top, we headed back down, reaching the cars 4 ¼ hours after we started. We did have some troubles at the stream crossing just before reaching the cars, and some feet (and a hat) ending up in the water, but the cars were right there, so wet footgear could be changed. It was another very good hike with a good group.

Participants: Chuck Bond, Judy Bond, Phil Hazen, Kathy Adams, Peter Hewitt, Lisa Hardy, Lynda Hutchins, Darryl Smith, Margaret Benn, Richard Larsen (Leader).