As I write this, we are coming off a lazy Sunday, meaning it rained and it was an inside day. So glad the weather worked in our favor for yesterday’s outing, Camel’s Hump via Forest City. Newest GMC member Mary Roux contacted me quite a few weeks ago about this hike, picked up a few more takers from last Saturday’s Mt. Hunger outing and the week brought more here and there. We totaled 16 as we headed out from the trailhead. A thank you shout out to Pam Gillis once again for the orange vests. So glad we (the Burlington section) have them for our use during the hunting season. The day was just a bit cloudy as we headed out and the wind was whipping now and then. But as we ascended, the white puffy things lifted and so did the gray ski and the sun was attempting to pop out now and then. A few folks on the ascend veered off to check out the Montclair Glen shelter as well as the Allis trail, a 3/10 mile loop that meets back up with the intersection of the Long Trail. Windy did not even explain the conditions at the summit. We had a few folks who were looking to fly like birds…and if they had been light enough in weight, it would have happened!

We met as one whole group once again at the clearing for a bite, picture, laughs, checked out Phil’s PB&J sandwich (and as Peter mentioned, you could see the “PB” from yards away…!!!!), etc. Good descent, warmer temps by the step and as Jay said, the traffic rivaled Church Street. Two and four-legged folks were aplenty. A great day was had by all and the finale was a trip to the Bridge Street Restaurant in Richmond with the entire group in tact, libations, soup, sandwiches and fries aplenty!

Hikers: Ted Albers (video), Mary Roux, Leo Leach, Lee Wrigley, Rob Selvaggi, Jeff Weirwein, Peter Hewitt, David Hathaway, Mark Blanchard, Phil Hazen, Erica Spiegel, Jay Strauss, Lynda Hutchins, Tim Welsh (photos-thanks!), Patrice Gaillard Trip Leader: Robynn Albert