Just four days before this outing, no signees….hmm….then the calls and messages started trickling in….and unfortunately we lost two to illness, so six of us met at the trailhead. The day was due to be iffy – overcast, windy, maybe some breaks of sun, low 50’s in the valley. One of those uncommitted days in the weather world. Nonetheless we headed out at 8:45 am. For a mid-November day AND the first day of rifle season in VT, we met many folks (the two and four legged variety) all day. And I must admit, I think we were the most fashionable in our bright orange vests. (Thanks again to Pam Gillis for making the Burlington section trip leaders aware that we have plenty of vests for this month’s outings…..Pam passed the bag to Dot, who passed to me and I will in turn pass to Dave, so if you do not have a vest, you are covered – literally!) A bit of mud, then a bit of ice, and roughly 2 – 3″ of the white stuff as we neared the summit. Bit breezy and of course, as you see from Ted’s photography, we are bundled like its mid-January rather than the actual two month’s prior! Brrr…..!! Headed back to the White Rocks junction for some eats and made our descent. All in all, a great day to be on the trail. But is there EVER a bad day on the trail???!!! Hikers: Lee Wrigley, Ted Albers, Paul Adams, Lynda Hutchins, Phil Hazen Trip Leader – Robynn Albert