The three of us departed the Richmond Park & Ride, with two dogs, in two cars. We were headed to Duxbury Road, midway between the Bamforth Ridge trail head and Camels Hump Road. After getting over some apprehension as to what I meant by bushwhacking, we headed into the woods, devoid of snow. We followed woods roads, or made our way through an easy-going, open mature forest, following gps points, heading for an awesome view of the Winooski valley.

The area abounds with cliffs and huge boulders, as well as huge piles of huge boulders, occasionally with tunnels, so you can go through, rather than over or around. We arrived at the base of the cliff we were heading for. Previously I followed the cliff for a while before finding a way up; before this trip, studying a map, I noticed a possible route around the corner. Up we went, soon to find ourselves on top, where we enjoyed lunch, and views down the valley, and of Camels Hump.

We paid for the ease of getting up, by coming down a ravine, that was a jumble of huge boulders. From here the trip was uneventful back to the cars.

Attendees: Darryl Smith, Lynda Hutchins, Scott Earisman.