I met Ted, and unexpectedly Lynda at the Richmond Park & Ride. Margaret was to meet us there, so we waited around, before leaving without her, to meet John at the trail head. Here we found Margaret, adding to my confusion.

As everyone knows, the Hedgehog Brook Trail starts with a difficult brook crossing, and in this case, too difficult. And in spite of my confused manner, I was believed, that according to the map, there was a bridge a couple hundred feet further up the road.

We soon hit the trail, loosely packed, which found us outfitted in a mix of snowshoes, microspikes and boots. It was a bright sunny day, and the trail easy going. We ran into another group of GMC’ers, at the junction with the Long Trail, that had followed our tracks across the bridge, but somehow came out ahead of us, apparently having taken a shortcut. The final ascent was very slippery.

We gathered atop Burnt Rock under calm, still sunny skies. After a couple of exhilarating slides down, the remainder of the trip down was uneventful. Except for Ted, repeatedly postholing; we pulled his club membership.

Attendees: Darryl Smith, Margaret Benn, Lynda Hutchins, Ted Albers, John Predom.

(Editors note – Ted was fined for postholing at the GMC’s minimum mandatory rate of $5 per posthole, which set him back $1,225 on this walk 😉