We met at 9 at the Underhill Center commuter lot, took three cars to the Stevensville trailhead for the three groups into which we later split, and started up the trail a little after 9:30. The weather was cloudy with light snow and temperatures close to 30° F. David and Rachel wore snowshoes from the start, but the rest started with microspikes.

We hike together for a while, but Chuck and Dan let us know up front that they might not go all the way to Butler Lodge and that they might take a slower pace, so we should not wait for them, and they did get left behind after 20 minutes or so. Meanwhile, Robynn and Brad had planned to continue on from Butler Lodge to the Forehead, and they charged ahead, with David, Karen, and Rachel in the middle.

As we approached Butler Lodge the snow got a little deeper and softer and those who hadn’t started with snowshoes put them on. David and Karen caught up to Robynn and Brad at Butler Lodge a little after 11, where we all hung around outside in deference to a couple of hikers who were sleeping inside after a long hike the day before (we later found they hadn’t gotten to bed until 3 AM). Robynn and Brad then took off toward the Forehead just before Rachel reached arrived, and Rachel and David went into the Lodge where the sleepers had obviously awakened, and were met by their fierce sounding but actually quite friendly dog. Karen, who didn’t want to shed her snowshoes, wandered in the vicinity. David, Karen, and Rachel then started sown just before noon, reaching the cars around 1 PM.

Subsequent calls and emails confirmed that the Chuck and Dan got down OK, as did Robynn and Dan, after almost but not quite reaching the Forehead.

Trip leader: David Hathaway

Participants: Dan Hildebrand, Chuck Newsham, Brad Bauman, Robynn Albert, Karen Boushie, Rachel Moulton