When I have signed up for GMC lead hikes across the pond (meaning the Adirondacks), I never know what kind of a number it will attract. In looking at past sign-in sheets, I think I am “stuck” with the # 10….Giant via the Ridge Trail in October 2008 10 people were on the outing, then Gothics and Pyramid in May of 2009, 10 were on that trip. And for this latest hike, Hopkins Mtn., I struck it rich with 10 again!

Anyway, the VTers met the NYers a bit past 9 am at the trailhead. (Another couple arrived at the trailhead just as we were headed out and I have to think they must have been shocked to see other cars there, esp. from VT. This is a little used trail and an alternate to Giant but not a popular one.) The forecast was due to be low 30s in the valley and overcast. We headed out about 9:20 am and right off the bat encountered a lot of ice. It pretty much was this way the entire trail. This truly was the only negative the whole day except that due to a back injury, Mike was not able to summit, but enjoyed his time in Keene Valley while waiting for us. The best part was everyone had some kind of grippers on their feet, either spikes or crampons. I do not see how anyone could have made it up (or down) without something. Either a serious injury would have occurred or it would have been incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, all bones and attitudes stayed in tact the entire trip!

Temps were warm all day to the point when we hit the summit, you almost did not need to “layer up”. The sun was shining brightly and the view was clear – a true bonus based on the forecast of clouds! The Noonmark Diner in Keene Valley was a must stop for eats and 9 of us were able to make this part of the trip, and it is Dad’s birthday on Wednesday, so a piece of cake and a candle were in order for him while most of the rest of us enjoyed their famous pies!

All in all, a super day! Thanks to Dad for joining us, as well as cousin Jason and his friends from the Albany area!

Trip leader: Robynn Albert

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Hokenmaier

Trekkers: Bob Albert, Jeremy Kassel, Michael Seereiter, Jason Farrell, Paul Demers, Jeff Wehrwein, Wolfgang Hokenmaier, Lynda Hutchins, Larry Gagne, Eric Hanson