Well, the first thing I will say about Saturday is it was darn cold! There were several originally signed for the outing, and with the dip in temps, came a decrease in original numbers. We ended up being four for the day, meeting at the Hinesburg P & R. Off to the Jerusalem Trailhead where the Breadloaf section was also meeting for their outing that day, same trail but to the lodge.

Having just received a dumping of the fresh white stuff the night before made for nice and fluffy snow conditions. I would say we were breaking between 6″ to 2′ of snow at any given time, the higher amount being the drifts. We lost the trail several times, even before getting to the LT. Not a well marked trail in some spots, but it is so fun to lose the trail temporarily! I love searching for the blazes; when we lost them, we spread out and found them all pretty quick. You could not stand around more than a few seconds at any given time. But when we veered to the lodge, it actually felt warm in there.

The Breadloaf section was just a few minutes behind us arriving at the lodge, so we chatted with their group of five for a few minutes, then headed to the summit. Just a few minutes there and back down.

The sun was now streaming through the woods at day’s end, bringing with it blue sky which was so pretty against the winter white. A good day overall. The Breadloaf folks were the only ones we saw the whole day except for the few folks getting off the chairlift!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert; Shoers: Richard Dabal, Bill Wooden and Tim Welsh. Photos: Tim Welsh.