All were looking forward to tackling Vermont’s Toughest Nine Miles. From Smugglers Notch we headed up Vermont’s steepest trail, the Hell Brook Trail.

After being led astray once or twice by the hike leader, we finally picked up the Long Trail, and were soon up and over the Adams Apple and Chin of Mount Mansfield. We dropped down a bit on the west side and scrambled south on the Subway, Canyon and Lakeview Trails. Over, under and around crags and boulders; occasionally peeling our packs off to squeeze a crevice. After a sunful lunch, we headed back north on the LT, dropping down to the east side, onto the Cliff Trail. We continued our scrambling, and shedding of packs, back to the LT. Easily on the ridge, we finally headed down the Profanity Trail, and further onto the LT, to where we started, somewhat exhausted. Held annually in mid July.

Trip Leader: Darryl Smith

Attendees: John Fowler, Scott, Heather, Rebecca Singer and Phil Hazen