The five of us departed the Richmond Park & Ride, with two dogs, in two cars. We were headed to the Underhill State Park winter parking lot. We parked, and headed up the road a quarter mile or so, and after some uncertainty as to where to head into the woods, we finally did. After a treacherous crossing of the Browns River, we headed northeast to Sunset Knob. Sunset Knob is the rocky western end of Sunset Ridge, with a closeup view of Mt. Mansfield.

We followed woods roads, or made our way through an easy-going, open mature forest. Wildflowers abounded. Hints of a peak peeked through, where after a short stretch of spruce, Mt. Mansfield opened up before us. Everyone was quite impressed by the promised view. After a pleasant lunch in the sunshine, we headed down, still at a leisurely pace, to our cars.

Attendees: Darryl Smith, Lynda Hutchins, Don Dickson, Carlene Squires and Andy Squires.