Eight of us met at the Monroe Trail head, from several directions. The day was clear and comfortable. There was little snow and plenty of ice on the way up. The required microspikes made for a safe and easy trip. Camels Hump was calm, cool and collected; incredibly clear from the Adirondacks to the Whites. After a lengthy lunch we continued south to the Alpine Trail; not without wondering, where in the hell is Phil? While we were calling for Phil, we heard someone, apparently calling for a lost dog. We finally spotted Phil, with a dog; returning the lost dog, Phil stayed with us for the rest of the trip.

Trip Leader: Darryl Smith

Attendees: Phil Hazen, Ray Benoit, Vince Broderick, Susan Trottier, Maria Cabri (plus one) and Cathy Tilley

Photo by Phil and Darryl