The Haselton Trail heads straight through the center of the Stowe Mountain Resort, and what I think to be, excellent for hunting season. The skies were bright and clear as we headed up, with the usual never ending sound of rushing water, and occasion ice. Upon breaking into the open, we donned our windbreakers, for what looked to be, unexpectedly ahead, snow squalls.

After passing through the snow guns, we broke back into the sunshine. Passing a few inches of snow and snot, below the Nose, we lingered little, before a leisurely lunch break.

We continued north on the Long Trail. Taking the Profanity Trail down, it was as its namesake, treacherously icy. The LT soon took us to Smugglers Notch and to where we started.

Trip Leader: Darryl Smith

Attendees: Phil Hazen, Robyn Albert, Lynda Hutchins, Bert Nubile, Denise Gumpper, Marcie Cohn and Marieta Warnstedt