After the rainy Saturday’s we’ve had this fall, it was time for a dry one to hit the mountains! It was nearly picture perfect, no exaggeration. Most folks met at the Richmond Park & Ride at 8:30, then headed south to meet Denise at the trailhead. We were the first in the lot so no worries on where to park. Headed out shortly after arriving and met no one (hunters included) the whole way to the Hunger/ White Rocks intersection.

Made the decision to head to WR first, then come back to the junction, head to Hunger summit, then descent to cars. Most had not been to WR before; what a great little trail it is and what a pay off once we arrived. Mansfield was coated in snow, the top and the ski trails, which popped out so clear. But the real treat was “The Pressies”, as Mark calls them. It was pretty much a consensus that the Presidential Range in NH was as clear as anyone had ever seen. Just beautiful! We lingered for a bit viewing the scenery, hit the summit, then headed back to “the beach” on WR for our lunch. Yes, a large slab of rock just below the summit was dubbed so, even though no one brought their suntan lotion or bikini! Next time…..

Headed back to the junction, then proceeded to Hunger. Before we could make the right hand turn, there were a few folks, both 2- and 4-legged making their way down. These were the first living creatures we had seen since we began. It was a huge string of folks after this to the summit. More great views from here.

Headed down and ended up back at the trailhead mid-day to break into Mark’s bag of chips! (Oh, and how could I have forgotten the cookies at the junction!) Thank you, Mark, and thanks for a great day, everyone!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert

Photo Credit: Phil Hazen

Hikers: Phil Hazen, Kathy Adams, Margaret Benn, Denise Gumpper, Lynda Hutchins, Mark Blanchard