The weather forecast was for temps in the valley around freezing and chance of rain, with cooler temps in the mountains and chance of snow. We never got any precipitation on the hike and the temperature was very pleasant for a winter hike. Although it was overcast and we were in the clouds at the top, the trail was very pretty with snow on the tree branches. And, the wind gusts that were in the forecast never materialized.

At the trailhead, we debated whether to put on snowshoes at the start or carry them with us. Most opted to put the snowshoes on right away. Those who didn’t ended up putting them on about 1/2 hour into the hike to avoid post-holing. The snow conditions were great for snowshoes – soft snow that wasn’t too deep but deep enough to cover most bumps in the trail and any ice at the top.

The group was quite experienced, so we made good time. The round-trip took only about 4 hours and 10-15 minutes and included lunch breaks at Battell Shelter on the way up and the way down as well as time for photos on the top of the mountain. At the end of the hike, participants were offered some treats: Valentine’s candy and / or Easter “Peeps” (those yellow marshmellow things).

Trip Participants: Rich Larsen, Chuck Bond, Judy Bond, Jenny Lynch, Alan Botula, Scott Springer, Vince Broderick, Dean Wiederin, Mary Keenan, Lynda Hutchins; Trip Leader: Sheri Larsen