We started our day with a temperature at 10 degrees and a wind chill factor of -15. Nine hardy souls hiked the Monroe Trail and Dean Trail to the Montclair Glen Shelter.

Once there, we ducked inside out of the wind for a bite to eat. More hand warmers were coming out of packs to help us to stay warm. We switched from micro spikes to snowshoes for the climb to the summit of Ethan Allen. There were many others out that day skiing Ethan Allen and hiking Camel’s Hump. Montclair Glen Shelter was packed the night before with overnighters. The clouds were low so the views were limited.

The following participanted: Sunny Pinkham, Dean Wiederin, Steve Barrett, Deborah Manning, Frederick Royce, Helle Frost, Vincent Broderick, Jan Tobias, and hike leader Carlene Squires