This is the Annual President’s Hike the day after the Burlington Section Annual Meeting. This year was “special” as it included the outgoing(Phil Hazen) and the incoming (Ted Albers) President – and sometimes it was hard to tell whether we were coming or going. It was a frosty morning with wonderful sunshine as we headed out on the Nebraska Notch Trail to Taylor Lodge. Soon most of us were shedding layers.

After a nice catered Dean & DeLuca lunch flown in on the private Burlington Section chopper (this was the President’s Hike, after all), we headed back and took the scenic route via the beaver ponds and back to the Stevensville Trailhead.

Participants: Phil Hazen, Ted Albers, Kathy Adams, Maria Moore, Sunny Pinkham , Lenore Budd, Trevor Andrews, Sarah Andrews, Steve Gorin, Jean Anderson.