We started as nine and as Saturday drew closer, we dropped to five. Met at the Richmond Park & Ride at 9 am, then picked up Lynda at the trailhead to round out our group. Promptly started out on Forest City and made great time to the summit.

Met only one person the entire ascent and then met up with others at the summit who came up from Burrows. Quite windy but what a beautiful crystal clear blue sky day as the time drew towards late morning, 12 Noonish. Stopped briefly at the clearing hut for tea, water and munchies. Then made our way down via Burrows. A nice end to the day with a stop at the Bridge Street Cafe in Richmond for burgers, sandwiches, soup and beer, and of course entertainment by Lynda….ask her about a rabid fox, and driving a friend on the hood of her car!!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert

Photo Credit: No one! No one brought a camera due to not wanting to take gloves off in the cold, cold temps!!! iPhone was out of the question, too, for the same reason!

Group: Mark Blanchard, Dan Hildebrand, Dean Wiederin and Lynda Hutchins