The outing was scheduled originally as a hike up Mt. Hunger and White Rocks from the Middlesex trailhead. The weather forecast was for chance of showers and thunderstorms. Since the trail from Middlesex is quite exposed on the way up to Mt. Hunger and slippery when wet, I changed our outing to a hike up Mt. Hunger from the Waterbury trailhead with an option for an out and back hike to White Rocks.

When we started out it was quite cloudy and foggy and people coming down from the top said there were no views. However, by the time we were approaching the top, the fog had lifted some and we had views in a view directions. And, while we were having lunch, the sun even came out for a bit. But, when we started down, it clouded up again and looked like it might rain. Fortunately, it did not rain, and a good time was had by all.

With Cathy Tilley, Phyllis Rubenstein, Margaret Benn; Trip Leader: Sheri Larsen