A group of 14 people showed up for the Honey Hollow Botany Walk. The trip was stated to focus on wildflowers and ferns and trees (if anyone knows tress), but for some reason a contingent thought that ‘birds’ fell into the category of ‘botany’, and would scurry off at times to search for the ‘scarlet-tailed ovenbird’, or something similar. But, they would return, drawn back by the allure of looking a the botanical specimen. (One thing about plants – they don’t fly away – everyone can look at a specimen, and take picutres, for as long as desired.)

We went up to Honey Hollow Trail, following the Catamount Trail, until it intersected with the Honey Hollow Road, and completed the loop down the road and back to the cars. It was a five-mile walk that gained about 1000′, and we made the usual ‘botany walk’ time of 4 hours. We found more than 30 types of wildflowers, counting a few that were ‘going to seed’, about a dozen types of ferns, and half-dozen ‘fern relatives’.

Participants – Mary Keenan, Paul Parris, Julie Soquet, Peggy Faucher, Marc Faucher, Bill Banke, Renata Banke, Judy Bond, Jean Cannon, Louanne Nielsen, Joan Mackenzie, Llyn Ellison, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen