Whenever there is a trek across the pond to hike in the Adirondacks, you can bet on a long day. The trek to Keene Valley on Saturday, December 7 was no different. We met in South Burlington at 6:45 am. On our way to the trailhead, we made a brief stop in Addison to pick up Cecelia, then the Stewart’s in Port Henry.

We began our trek from the Roostercomb parking lot at approximately 9 am. The ground was pretty bare, little ice here and there, nothing serious.

When we reached the intersection of Roostercomb and HH and LWJ, the decision was made to head to the latter, and then if we had time on our way back, we’d grab the Rooster! The ice became more prevalent as we climbed. Day was cloudy, therefore made the views (which are limiting anyway with tree coverage) a little challenging. Saw many of the Irene slides which are still amazing to see after two plus years. The summit of HH is pretty much a non-event, no sign, just a guesstimate that you are there! We reached the summit of LWJ around 12:20 pm and of course if you’re ever on a climb with Tim Welsh, he breaks open the celebratory bottle o’ red for toasting purposes!

Headed back to the trailhead and once reaching the Rooster intersection, the unanimous decision was made to head into KV for eats, therefore skipping that summit. It’s always about the food and drink, right?! Returned to the trailhead at approx. 3:45 pm, then headed to The Ausable Inn, followed by the parking lot in So BTV around 8 pm, a good day was had by all!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert

Trip Participants: Cecilia Elwert, Tracy Sweeney, Max Seaton, Wes Volk, Jay Strauss, Tim Welsh, Phil Hazen. Photos thanks to Hazen, Albert, Volk