Checking the weather on and off a few days prior to this outing, it looked like possible rain so I was on the fence for canceling. As the week wore on, the rain possibility diminished, so the trip was a go. Nine of us met in Essex at the Park & Ride, and headed to the Underhill State Park trailhead. We got as far as the gate and stopped as it was down… headed to the trailhead where we were met with patches of snow.

By the time we hit the trail intersection of CCC Road, Sunset Ridge, etc. the snow on the picnic table likely measured 5″. Halfway House was not broken out with the new snow accumulation so it was not too tedious. (I say this but I was not at the front of pack!) Reached the top of HH at 10:15; here we lost Mark B. as he needed to head back to NH. The excitement then began with high winds (one prediction was 35 mph, another was 40 mph….regardless, it was windy, windy, windy!), hail pelting in your face, little visibility, etc. I love an adventure like this, and totally unpredictable!

We spent little time at the summit (except for Phil and Larry who braved it for lunch while the rest of us found shelter in trees), then re-routed down Laura Cowles rather than the intended Sunset Ridge (to get out of the howling winds and pelting hail). Reached the cars at 1:30 pm.

A good day was had by all!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert

Trip Participants: Mark McLane, Diane Lineham, Max Seaton, Mark Blanchard, Wes Volk, Lynda Hutchins, Larry Gagne and Phil Hazen; Photo Credit: Phil Hazen, Diane Linehan (apologies for the sideways photos upon enlargement!)