I thought a slow easy trip up the Burrows Trail to Camels Hump would bring out a few hikers. The weather cooperated, so we had quite a group, 17 happy hikers. We all made it to the trailhead, except two; we waited around for awhile, but I figured they’re young, and will catch up. I brought up the rear for awhile, then headed for the front to ensure everyone stopped at the hut clearing to regroup. We got rather spread out, and was thirty minutes before everyone arrived. The missing two also showed up, having come up the Monroe Trail. The peak was cool and windy, though we hung out there for quite awhile. We headed down and out without incident.

Trip Leader: Darryl Smith

Attendees: Anne, Fred, Max, Lynda, Patty, Margie, Judith, John, Carol, Cathy, Lisa, Marshall, Thomas, Rick, Svetlana and Clem.