Trip leader: David Hathaway

We met at 8:30 AM at the Richmond commuter lot and headed up to the trailhead in Duxbury. There was still a lot of snow on the road to the summer parking area, so we parked in the winter lot and started up around 9:15.

It was sunny and not too cold, but the snow was still pretty firm after a cold night and the trail was packed. So nobody used snowshoes to start, though most donned spikes right away. We reached the hut clearing around noon and had lunch (or the first part of it) and then headed up to the summit. It was windy at the top, though less so than it often is, so everyone donned a shell.

We hadn’t seen many folks on the way up, but there were a lot at the top, and even more coming up through the hut clearing as we headed down, including a couple of groups from the Dartmouth Outing Club. Another group of high school to college age kids even went up in shorts, and were seen butt sliding down to the hut clearing in the snow (brr…. and ouch!).

The sun had softened the snow quite a bit, so on the way down one by one we all donned the snowshoes we’d been carrying to avoid postholing. We got back to the car around 2:45. On the way back to the Richmond commuter lot, we stopped to check out the progress on the Winooski bridge.

Max Seaton, Mary Keenan, Phil Hazen