Today brought the temperatures we’ve all been waiting for: 30’s with only a light breeze. Though cloudy it was a perfect day. We explored Red Rocks Park in south Burlington. Our first stop was at the “wolf” tree to peak inside and imagine what lived in all of the woodpecker holes, practice our tree climbing skills, roll in the soft snow and climb in the stick teepee. Then we ventured down to the lake navigating the icy trails and steep stairs building our confidence with each step. Once we reached the lake we discovered it frozen enough to run on. What a unique vantage point to be on the water looking back at shore. We saw birds fly above and dogs and squirrels run around the woods. It was a day of adventure, friendship and discovery. A perfect day for our children.

Trip Leader: Kelley Christie and Piper Christie

Participants: Pam Gowland, Raina Gowland, Melissa Gara, Camille Gara, Michelle Stinnett, Justin Stinnett, Josh Stinnett, Chloe Stinnett, Jen Ayers, Jon Ayers, Amelia Ayers