With heavy rain the previous day, conditions were icy. We started out down the Forest City connecter until we got to the Forest City trail. It was fairly easy going until we got to the first two steep sections on the Long Trail. After that we ascended to the last steep climb before the summit.

A small group of us had trouble finding the trail in one spot, but the route was quickly found. Halfway up the last steep climb, some of us stopped to eat lunch. After, we finished our climb to the summit where it was fairly windy. We stopped on the summit for a quick drink then descended to the clearing below the summit. There we took a group photo before we finished our hike down the Burrows trail.

The Burrows trail was very icy, it was a slow descent to the bottom. Successful Trip!

Kim Farone, Fred Royce, Jay , Erica Spiegel, David Mccolgin, Paul Houchens, Phil Hazen, Larry, Wes Volk.