On a lovely summer day we met at the Richmond Park and Ride and drove three cars to Carse Road (Deane Tr.) We left one car and drove to Appalachian Gap. We started off with a steep rugged climb out of the gap as we climbed up Baby Stark Mountain.

When we neared the summit, Andy commented that it was a baby brat to climb. We encountered a difficult rocky drop, but managed to cling to the roots and narrow ledge to one side of what looked impossible. There was no other way around it. We all safely negotiated it and we were happily moving on. Next we climbed up Molly Stark Mountain which was much easier. We came out to a lovely opening in the trees near a rock bench with a view. (picture of the group at this bench) We stopped at Molly’s Balcony for a lunch and beautiful view to the west (Lake Champlain and Huntington) and north (Camel’s Hump and the Worcester Range).

The hike gradually got easier as we descended to Birch Glen Shelter for a nice rest. It was a pleasant hike out to Carse Road. The drive of the car took two drivers back to Appalachian Gap to retrieve the cars and returned to pick up the hikers on Carse Road.

Participants were leader Carlene Squires, Andy Squires, Carol Hignite, Sue Brown, Mary Keenan, and Dimitri Currey.