We met at 9 AM at the Cambridge park and ride, consolidated into one car, and drove to the Cross Road trailhead for the Davis Neighborhood Trail. David was using “tred-not” deer fly strips, which are basically a strip of flypaper you put on the back of your hat, and Ted took up the offer to try one as well. Ted had left his water bottle at home, but others on the trip had enough to share, so he didn’t go thirsty.

The weather was sunny and pleasant, and we got on the trail a little after 9:30. We took the clockwise route, following Codding Hollow Road (and the washed out parts that used to be a road) to the Long Trail, and then headed north up Laraway, We reached the beginning of the long overhanging rock wall near the top of Laraway around 11:30, and stopped for a chat with Walter, a GMC board member. We continued to the Laraway Lookout where we had lunch around noon and met a couple of south bound aspiring Long Trail end to enders.

David’s new GPS was preloaded with geocache locations, so when the others started up again, he took a few minutes to search out a small cache near the lookout. We continued to the summit, and then down the north side of Laraway to reach Corliss Camp and the David Neighborhood Trail junction around 2. There we stopped to talk with another aspiring Long Trail end to ender who was an at large GMC member from Jericho, and who Phil and Ted recruited into the Burlington Section.

We continued down to reach the car a little after 3, where David and Ted tallied their deerfly catches (David 10 and Ted 7), but it was still nothing compared to the haul David had on the same hike two years ago (see picture).

Participants: Agnes Chapius, Ted Albers,Max Seaton, Phil Hazen

Trip leader: David Hathaway