We met at 8:30 AM at the Richmond commuter lot, consolidated into two cars, and headed for the trailhead. Unfortunately, there was some confusion about exactly which trailhead and how to get there, so it was about 10:40 before we had a car parked at our destination and were started up the trail to Mt Worcester. The weather was pleasantly cool and breezy, and we got to the Worcester summit around noon, had a snack, and continued on.

The trail between Mt Worcester and the Stowe Pinnacle trail junction is very lightly traveled, so there is a lot of moss and other soft footing (including many moose droppings) along the trail. We reached an unnamed and tree-covered peak around 1, and the Stowe Pinnacle trail junction around 2. We finished our lunch and then continued along the ridge leading to Mt Hunger, which we reached around 3:30 or 4. We then made our way down the slabs on the east side of Mt. Hunger, which include one spot where a rope has been left to aid hikers.

We continued down the Middlesex Trail, reaching the car around 6:30.

Martin Maitner, Max Seaton, Wes Volk, Phil Hazen

Trip leader: David Hathaway