Eight people showed up on a nice day. In the parking lot, one was murdered by an irate camper (seems the driver took ‘his’ parking spot.) After a short moment of silence, we continued.

We headed up the CCC Road, and ran into a bull moose that had way too much testosterone. One hiker was trampled, and bit the dust – but we still had 6, so we carried on.

Going up Halfway House, we saw signs of mountain lions activity, but ignored that – they are extinct in Vermont, you know. Ten minutes later, the cat pounced, and hauled off yet another unfortunate member of the team. Five left, but still had a majority of those that had started.

We made the summit with no more incidents, but, once there, a husband and wife pair started arguing, then wrestling – and then plunged off the top, with hands wrapped around each other’s throats. Two more down. Only 3 left.

On the way down, one hiker took a nasty (and, unfortunately terminal) fall off Sunset Ridge. Two left. Both of the remaining hikers made it back to the State Park, and agreed that we had a very nice outing on Mount Mansfield, assuming we were willing to overlook a few events.

A picture of the group is attached, courtesy Wes Volk.

Participants – Karen Furland, Tom Furland, Wes Volk, Robin Moore, Jenny Lynch, Scott Springer, Bruce Bassett, Rich Larsen