Scot, Lisa and Max clipped and cleared water bars on the Frost Trail to the Maple Ridge Trail to the Rockgarden Trail and from there to Butler Lodge.

Dot and Carollee clipped the Butler Lodge Trail until they met up with Scot’s group at which they point all descended together.

Ted, Thomas and John worked the upper part of the Butler Lodge Tr, the Wallace Cutoff and the LT south to the Twin Brooks tenting platforms. Ted handled the Hazel hoe while Thomas and John clipped. The chain saw was used twice, once on the Butler Lodge Trail and once on the Long Trail.

Started around 9:15 and all back at cars by 2:30. Some lightening, thunder and rain, but all in all a successful day with fine drink and snacks at end.

Side Note: Three young lads passed us heading north toting full packs. I asked where they were headed and if they were through hikers. They said they were only out for a few days and had planned to make Sterling pond, but when they reached the forehead on Mansfield they had made wrong turn and headed south. They realized the error upon reaching the tenting area. Despite being totally turned around, they took time to thank Ted for the trail work.

Dot Myer, Carollee Reynolds, Lisa Hardy, Thomas Passburg, Max Seaton, Ted Albers, Scott Albertson and John Sharp, leader.